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Management Information and Outsourcing—Linked Strategies

31st July, 2015 — In a maturing outsourcing market, information and outsourcing strategies are being developed in unison. At an inaugural event in London last month hosted by Deloitte, attendees from leading companies representing the main industry stakeholders shared their experiences on which strategies they are implementing and why. “This is especially pertinent to OSCRE,” says Ian Cameron, OSCRE’s Chief Innovation Officer, “since information exchange and integration is central to both information and outsourcing strategies.”

Mergers, Acquisitions and More

23rd June, 2015 – Consolidation. It’s a word that can best describe the current market activity in our industry with new mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures announced nearly every day. One of the biggest challenges these companies will face? Effectively combining multiple data platforms that don’t communicate with each other – it can have a significant negative impact on internal data quality, data collection processes and client services.

Video, Data Standards: Keys to Improved Performance / Lisa Stanley, OSCRE

9th June, 2015 – Lisa Stanley, CEO, OSCRE gets interviewed at Realcomm regarding current and future uses of data standards.

Management Information And Outsourcing: 5 Questions To Get Started

28th May, 2015 – My first post on Real Street Tech, “Big Data: Big Opportunities For CRE,” looked at how data analytics can align the CRE function with the company’s business goals. In global corporate real estate, outsourcing strategies and management information (MI) strategies are being solved together.
Here are five questions to ask your service partners about how they approach information management as part of their business relationship with you.

Big Data: Big Opportunities For CRE

18 May, 2015 - Commercial real estate executives today are besieged by data. Technology has fueled industry innovation, providing immediate access to critical information about every aspect of real estate properties. The power of that data can be incredible. The problem? Making sense of it all in a cohesive manner.

OSCRE Releases Revised Portfolio Information Exchange Standard (PIE-X)

London, 1 April, 2015 - Sharing portfolio information between organizations has become much simpler with the release of the updated Portfolio Information Exchange Standard (PIE-X). Whether you are expanding your real estate investment portfolio, changing service providers, acquiring or divesting properties, or supporting the management of real estate information, the PIE-X standard will expedite the exchange of real estate portfolio information between you and your partnering organization.

BenchCoRE Aligns with OSCRE Standards

ORLANDO, FL March 12, 2015 - CoreNet Global's BenchCoRE, an industry leading corporate real estate benchmarking service, has aligned with OSCRE, the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate, both organizations announced today.

2015- Are you ready for the big play?

February, 2015 - A new study published by JLL and based on a Forrester Research Survey of nearly 400 corporate real estate executives confirms that corporate real estate (CRE) is rapidly becoming one of the most data–driven corporate functions. Twenty–eight percent of corporate real estate leaders see themselves as "data–centric" today, and this number is set to double to 56 percent over the next three years. Additionally, 58 percent reported they are unsure whether they have the relevant internal skills to drive a data and analytics strategy – are you one of them?

If so, OSCRE can help. While "big data" and "The Internet of Things (IoT)" have increasingly become topics of conversation at real estate conferences and in the trade press recently, it has never been more critical for organizations to implement standards to collect, analyze and transfer data.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for

January, 2015 -The need for an efficient, flexible portfolio information exchange standard has become essential. With the number and complexity of real estate portfolio transactions on the rise in the corporate and investment worlds, the sharing of information during the due diligence assessment and the final portfolio exchange has become extremely difficult for both sellers and buyers. Service providers also struggle to complete the transfer of large accounts in a timely manner as organizations regularly move between suppliers.

Working with leading member companies such as JLL, Real Foundations, Yardi, Trace Solutions, TIAA-CREF, Canada Life, and other organizations, OSCRE has built a new portfolio exchange standard, PIE-X, adopting the best of prior PIE standards and incorporating significant new functionality and value.

You can review the PIE–X Industry Q&A Guide here. We encourage your comments during the public comment period through February 23, 2015, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

OSCRE Standards gain recognition with CRE leaders

OSCRE Standards received accolades from CRE Industry Leaders Dave Clute of Zurich and Jim Young on a recent Realcomm webinar entitled “Corporate Real Estate & Facilities – What Will the Next 12-18 Months Bring? ” It’s a panel discussion with a strategic view on the corporate real estate landscape. You can access the webinar recording using the button below.

OSCRE Visioning Summit Addresses Big Data Challenges

Surprising but not uncommon…

Do newer buildings have higher energy usage per square foot than older ones? Benchmarking data collected by FM BENCHMARKING reports some findings that may surprise you. In 2013 (the last full year reported), data showed the median building A 4-10 years old consumed 28.4 kWh per sq. ft., while those 11-20 years old consumed 25.7 kWh per sq. ft. Reported data on buildings 21-50 years old weighed in the middle at 26.5 kWh per sq. ft. why the difference? Many newer buildings aren’t re-commissioned in their early years, and as a result, equipment doesn't remain tuned up as well as it could be.


Did you know?

67% of participants on a recent OSCRE webinar reported they have implemented information exchange standards in their business operations.

David Johnson, Global Chief Information Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle

Who’s Committed to OSCRE Standards?

JLL plans to leverage OSCRE standards

"Yardi is a proud sponsor of OSCRE and we see OSCRE playing an important role in the maintenance of definitions and standards within the industry."

Robert Teel, Senior Vice President Global Services

"Open standards increase compatibility between software and reduce costs for the client. They enable property software systems from many different manufacturers to share and exchange data with ease, eliminating the errors derived from rekeying. As a founding member of OSCRE, we believe everyone should support the cost savings and improved accuracy that common standards can now offer. OSCRE is a key component in our company’s best of breed strategy."

Graham Davies, Business Development Director
Trace Solutions

JLL plans to leverage OSCRE standards

"The creation and adherence of data and information standards will be critical to the growth and advancement of the Commercial Real Estate Industry in the short term and for years to come as we progress through a time of disruption and rebirth. Use of standards will be especially important for service firms like JLL as we strive to meet the diverse needs of all of our clients. OSCRE sits at the core of creation, promotion and maintenance of these standards and plays a vital industry role in advancing both productivity and profitability of its members. JLL plans to leverage both OSCRE standards and its core rapid delivery process to facilitate and accelerate our data integration processes between ourselves, our partners and our clients to make sure we do things as fast as we can, in a cost effective manner, with the highest quality outcome possible.”

David Johnson, Global Chief Information Officer
Jones Lang LaSalle

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